Race Format

Race Format

The race is designed for all levels of skill and fitness catering for elite competitors who wish to compete for top honours, as well as beginners and families who just want a day of adventure and fun in the CBD. Our goal is to promote a fun and healthy lifestyle through participation in the Urban MAX.

The checkpoints and activities themselves are kept a secret until the day of the race, and will only be revealed on a clue sheet that will be handed out at the commencement of the race at 9am! You and your partner will need to solve the clues and work out the best way to tackle the course, collecting the points you need to reach your ‘Points Target’ in  the shortest possible time frame. Some clues will be easy to solve others will require some research.

For information on the types of checkpoints you might encounter see Checkpoints

Mode of Transport

Walking and running will be your primary method of getting around the city. Once you have your course plotted out it’s time to hit the streets of Sydney.

Teams will also be allowed to use various forms of public transport (Buses, Trains, Ferries, Light Rail) to cover longer distances. No taxis, no Uber, no hitchhiking or any other mode of private transport is allowed, including bikes, roller blades, etc. Teams will be disqualified if they are found using prohibited modes of transport.

An Opal Card is available from Transport NSW allowing travel on buses, trains and ferries all day for a maximum daily cap amount of $15.40 (Monday-Saturday) or $2.60 (Sunday only). Check out www.transportnsw.info.

You may wish to bring an extra $15-$20 for food and access to some checkpoints.

Course Distance/Boundaries

We aim to keep all the checkpoints within a 5km radius of the CBD but this is only revealed once you have solved your clue sheet so you can see where the checkpoints actually are!