In order to start collecting checkpoints, you will first need to solve the clues on the clue sheet provided to your team at the commencement of the race. That’s right you will need to plan your course while the race is underway! A number of the activities need more brainpower than muscle. Speed alone will not get you over the line first!

Once you have solved the clues you will start plotting your plan of attack, there will be a number of things you will need to take into consideration

– How far away is it?

– What time does it open?

– How will we get there?

– What will the checkpoint involve?

Want to know what to expect on a clue sheet? Have a go at solving these




Checkpoint order and points

We are introducing a points system so there will not be a set number of checkpoints to be collected! Winners will be determined by the team that has collected enough points to reach the ‘Points Target’ for their respective category and then returned to the finish line. This allows you to determine your own route and select which checkpoints you will visit and which you might decide to skip. Checkpoints can still be retrieved in any order.

Opening Hours

Some checkpoints will have opening hours. This means that the checkpoint will only be manned and operational from the time listed on the clue sheet. If you arrive outside the opening hours you will not be able to complete the checkpoint and will miss out on the points unless you are prepared to wait until the checkpoint opens.

Type of Checkpoints

There are two different types of checkpoints you might encounter during the race:


As the name suggest, there will be an activity to complete once you arrive at the specified location. The clues may tell you what the activity is while others will only be revealed once you reach the location. Marshals will be available at all activity checkpoints to assist and verify completion.

Have a look at the gallery below from our previous Urban MAX events!




A roaming checkpoint is a checkpoint that is on the move! We’ve had Captain Cook as a tourist and Wally roaming Paddy’s Market. There is no activity at these checkpoints, you simply just need to find the roaming checkpoint.