The Urban MAX is not like most other events!

Finding the Checkpoints

You will be issued with a “clue sheet” at the start of the event. The sheet will include cryptic information, locations and details on how to reach the checkpoints. Some will be easy to find while others will require a bit of lateral thinking. Please note, you will not receive the clue sheet at registration, it will only be made available once the race start is initiated at 9:00am. That means you will have to do your entire route planning while the race is in progress!

The course will consist of a number of checkpoints that your team must locate to complete the race. Checkpoints are located across the city and can be reached by foot or using public transport. That is public transport only!!! No privates cars, no taxis, no Uber, no hitchhiking! There is no fixed route to the various checkpoints; all competitors are encouraged to use their own initiative as to how they will complete the course in the minimum amount of time.

Checkpoint Order and Points

We are introducing a points system so there will not be a set number of checkpoints to be collected! Once you have reached the ‘Points Target’ that will be highlighted on your clue sheet you will need to return to the finish line to complete the course. Different checkpoints will be allocated different point scores. As you complete each checkpoint your team will be allocated the points from that checkpoint. Winners will be determined by the team that reaches the points target and then returns to the finish line in the least amount of time. This allows you to determine your own route and strategy and the quickest way to reach the checkpoints you need to reach the points target. Checkpoints can still be retrieved in any order. There will be a different ‘Points Target’ for the Racing class and the Social class.

Opening Hours

Some checkpoints will have opening hours. This means that the checkpoint will only be manned and operational from the time listed on the clue sheet. If you arrive outside the opening hours you will not be able to complete the checkpoint and will miss out on the points unless you are prepared to wait until the checkpoint opens.

Type of Checkpoints

There are two different types of checkpoints you might encounter during the race:


As the name suggest, there will be an activity to complete once you arrive at the specified location. The clues may tell you what the activity is while others will only be revealed once you reach the location. Marshals will be available at all activity checkpoints to assist and verify completion.

Have a look at the gallery below from our previous editions of the Urban MAX!




A roaming checkpoint is a checkpoint that is on the move! We’ve had Captain Cook as a tourist and Wally roaming Paddy’s Market. There is no activity at these checkpoints, you simply just need to find the roaming checkpoint.