Racing or Social?

25th September 2015

Still trying to decide which category to enter within the new format? We’ve broken down the categories for you!

Social: With 4 hours to collect as many points as possible, the social category is for those teams that are not wanting to race for line honours and would like to spend the day traipsing through the CBD. The social category is perfect for those who would like to bring their kids along.

Racing: Notoriously this has been the most competitive category, with teams looking for any advantage they can to get themselves a podium finish. Racing teams will have 6 hours to collect as many points as possible before heading back to HQ.

Once you have registered for the Urban don’t forget to set up your fundraising page. Cancer Council NSW is offering some sweet incentives for those who fundraise. You can set up a fundraising page by clicking HERE. Cancer Council NSW believes that we can and will beat cancer.