Its A Wrap

2nd November 2013

There are so many elements to this Amazing Race format of urban adventure racing which makes this annual event one of a kind. You need to know the city, how to read a map and your way around the public transport system helps too.

You also need to know how to play operation, ride a bull, a kayak, a stand-up paddle board, be great at volley ball and Crossfit, flexible enough to do yoga and be able to speak Spanish and loads of other things!

The main thing you do need however to complete this race is a great attitude and a sense of adventure along with big sense of humour!

Although it was a hot and smokey day with the Sydney bush fires creating some haze over our great city most teams persevered and completed the course with the quickest racing male team the Armstrong brothers finishing in just over 3 hours, and they were even still talking to each by the end! Our quickest mixed team “Ian and his Wench” coming in just over 4 hours and our all-female team coming in at close to 4.5hrs!

This year the Kathmandu Urban has raised a total of $11,623.10 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation is an amazing effort. A special congratulations and thank you goes out to Karen and Bruno who have raised an incredible $800! Thank you Karen and Bruno! Also to Nathan and Chris who not only raised $330 but came third in the men’s category, congratulations!

Your contribution is very much appreciated not only by the National Breast Cancer Foundation but also by the many women, their families and friends who are affected by breast cancer each year in Australia.

For all of those who got to the SLAM Volleyball checkpoint at the Urban and enjoyed yourselves and feel as though the next stop is to buy yourselves a volley ball outfit and join the Olympic team, the guys at SLAM are having an event in December and you can take part!

Team registrations are still open for SLAM events, although are filling up quickly so head to ASAP to register your team for the event.

Thank you to all the teams who competed this year and your ongoing support of this great event. We would love to hear your feedback so please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Preliminary Results are now available from the Results page.