Race Rules

Travel: Teams must only travel by foot or public transport, which includes trains, buses, light rail and ferries. No taxis, Uber, private vehicles, bikes etc. are allowed unless authorised at an activity point. Any team found using any prohibited mode of transport will be disqualified.

Finish line cut off: Both Racing & Social teams must cross the finish line by 3pm, teams arriving after 3pm will be heavily penalised by a reduction in points.

Safety: Remember that you will be in the centre of Sydney CBD; all laws must be obeyed, including road rules. This is for your own personal safety, you must remember that you are not just in an adventure race, but are also in a busy city.

Outside support: Teams are allowed to use the Internet to help them solve clues. This may include having a friend at home on standby to do a quick search for you.  Electronic devices such as smart phones and GPS devices are permitted.

Food and drink: Competitors are advised to carry adequate food/drink for the event. Teams are also allowed to stop at any shop along the way.

Race Numbers: All competitors must wear the supplied race number attached to the outer most garment at all times.

Teams: Team members must stick together. If a team is found more than 50 meters apart, they will be disqualified.