Entry Date Price
Early Bird Entry – 3rd June 2018 to 3rd July 2018 $95 per person*
Standard Entry – 4th July 2018 to 23rd October 2018 $110 per person*
Final Entry – 24th October 2018 to 20th November 2018 $125 per person*

Minimum age is 16 years if two teenagers are racing together, otherwise 8 years and older if racing with an adult.

Unless the event is already full, entries close on Wednesday 20th November 2018.

Entry is limited to 500 teams of two (male, female or mixed). Entries will close once this limit is reached. Get in early to avoid disappointment.

You will receive entry confirmation via email when you enter the event online.

Final event information will be available for download from the website approximately two weeks before the event.

* A $1 plus 2.5% processing fee applies

Included in your entry fee

  • Race Bib Numbers
  • CBD Map
  • ‘Racing’ Category Prizes (Male, Female & Mixed categories for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places)
  • ‘Social’ Category Random Spot Prizes
  • Safety Marshalling
  • Entry to all Checkpoint Activities


We would like to encourage teams and parents to bring their kids along to enjoy the Urban MAX experience. Kids passes can only be added to a complete (two fully paid entries) team. If you are racing with your kids as the sole adult you will need to pay full price for the first child you register. Limited to kids 8-13 years, you can purchase two additional kids passes for $20 each to add them to your team registration. This option includes a race number to make them feel part of the team.

As part of the option, they are allowed to assist you in solving clues and locating checkpoints. They can also help your team in completing activities at the various activity checkpoints. To book in your kids, just select the appropriate option in our online registration system. If you have a younger child or toddler you would like to bring along in a stroller, you are welcome to do so. There is no additional charge for kids that are not actively involved in the event.


Maximum Adventure is covered by its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident insurance. It is strongly recommended to take out your own personal accident and ambulance cover for the event.

All competitors are required to agree to the waiver when entering online.


Entry cancellations (for the entire team) can be made up to Saturday 9th November 2018 (two weeks before the event date), by emailing us here, when a refund (less $30 per team administration fee) will be made. Refunds will not be given after this date.

Entry cancellations (for an individual team member) can be made up to two weeks before the event date, by emailing us here when a refund (less $15 per person administration fee) will be made. Refunds will not be given after this date. In this case, your remaining team member will need to replace the withdrawing team member by;

  • Finding a replacement and getting them to register for the event online, choosing to be a part of your ‘team name’ in the registration process.
  • Finding a replacement and asking the withdrawing team member to transfer their entry online to the new team member. See instructions below for ‘Entry Transfers (Online)’.

If you would like to protect your entry fee and receive a full refund, without admin fee charged as per above, either after entering the event or in particular within two weeks of the event date (when we no longer offer partial refunds), you can purchase the ‘Registration Protection’ insurance option. This is provided by Booking Protect for an additional fee at the time of purchasing your event entry.

If you are unable to attend the event due to unexpected injury or illness or other specific reason, purchasing this registration protection may protect your original entry fees paid, if you meet the refund claim criteria. Be aware that unexpected work/family commitments (other than permanent work relocation) preventing you from attending the event does NOT qualify as an applicable reason to receive a full refund. This insurance purchase option is NOT available after you register for the event, so please consider this at the time of purchase.

Full details, terms, conditions and exclusions of the Booking Protect registration protection program can be found here.

Note: If you choose the Registration Protection insurance option as noted above, be aware that as you can claim a full refund within two weeks of the event, this leaves your team member without a partner and may hinder their ability to find a replacement at such short notice. If you have taken this option we urge you to communicate with your team member as soon as possible.


  • Participants can transfer their entry online to another person up until two weeks before the event date.
  • This can be done by logging into your active.com account, selecting your ‘MyEvents’ portal and transferring your registration via email to another participant.
  • The new participant must claim your registration via email before a refund will be processed and returned to your credit card. Please note that the new participant claiming the transferred entry, will need to pay the current entry fee at the time of claiming.
  • Online entry transfers will be closed two weeks before the event to ensure an accurate list of teams. In the final week the full competitor list will be released on the event website. Please check to make sure your details are correct and your name appears in the correct category.
  • There is no fee for entry transfers online.


  • Last minute participant transfers can be done on race morning at registration.
  • Replacement entrants are required to bring along an email (or entry registration confirmation) from the original participant stating that they are happy for the transfer to take place (hard copy or on your mobile phone).
  • On arrival replacement participants should head to the registration desk and indicate to marshalls that they are replacing the original participant and begin the transfer process.
  • On the day transfers do NOT incur an admin fee. Exchange of funds for race entry fees will be a private transaction between the two participants.
  • Replacement participants should allow extra time to complete registration on race morning.


Teams can change their category up until Saturday 9th November 2018. Requests to change categories must be done so in writing to [email protected]. Please state you request to change category and provide your team name.

Further category changes can be done at registration on event morning. Please allow extra time to complete registration if you are completing a transfer on the day.