Entries Now Open

4th June 2018

Entries are now open for the 2018 edition of the famous Urban MAX city adventure race!

Teams of two will be working together to tackle fun and exciting challenges at checkpoints located all around the scenic centre of Sydney. That’s if teams can even work out where to go as the locations of the checkpoints are only revealed after the teams solve some cryptic clues. It really is a one day version of The Amazing Race!

Teams can travel via public transport or they can traverse the city on foot, the choice is up to you. The order you tackle the checkpoints? The choice is up to you! Even which checkpoints you tackle or which ones you decide to skip is up to you. It’s a ‘Choose your our Adventure’ for the whole family.

With Early Bird prices on offer for a month after entries open it’s best to act quick to claim the cheapest price going and then prepare yourself to join in the fun.

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