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8th November 2017

Have you ever wanted to compete in the ‘Amazing Race’? Does the idea of spending a Spring day in Sydney CBD with your best mate, partner or family completing the ultimate scavenger hunt sound like a blast? Well guess what, you can sign up to be a part of it today!

The Paddy Pallin Urban is an event like no other. You & your team mate will spend the day racing around the city, solving clues to locate a variety of physical* and mental challenges. Complete the challenge successfully and you are off to the next checkpoint to do it all again. Think it will be quicker to jump on a train or a bus rather than going by foot to the next checkpoint? Then do it!

There are over 20 checkpoints to find, with exciting new challenges around every corner. Will you be paddle boarding, solving a brain teaser, searching for a weirdly dressed character in a crowded marketplace or be eating something icky? We can’t tell you now but these could just be some of the challenges this year. Who knows what else will be in store?

Grab a partner, sign up and get ready for one hell of a ride!

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*Physical challenges are designed for all ages and fitness levels in mind.