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26th September 2016

Paddy Pallin Urban Series
Sydney CBD, NSW
Saturday 5th November

There is just over a month to go until the Paddy Pallin Urban Series where teams of two will spend a day in Sydney CBD solving clues and completing challenges at a host of iconic Sydney locations!

Based on the popular TV show ‘The Amazing Race’ teams will need to locate and complete 15+ checkpoints all around the city. How will they get around the course? Well that is up to the teams, many will stay on foot but the smarter teams will make use of the cities buses, trains and ferries to get them around the course that much quicker.

All the locations are given to the teams as a set of cryptic clues, solving these brain teasers is just part of the fun. Having a smart phone on hand or a friend available at home in front of a computer can certainly help with solving these clues.

Last years teams were singing karaoke, kayaking, and dancing along with a host of over activities. What challenges lie in store for this year? Well that’s a secret of course, only way to find out is to sign up and come along.

The price for the Paddy Pallin Urban goes up in just over a week on the 5th October so now is the time to grab a team mate and enter!