Are you prepared for the Urban?

29th October 2014

The Kathmandu Urban promises to deliver you a day of adventure. Our goal is to promote a fun and healthy lifestyle through participation in the Kathmandu Urban. Below you’ll find some useful tips on how to prepare to take on the Urban Jungle!

Pick a team mate
Team mate selection is important! You want to pair up with that friend of yours who always knows the answers at trivia nights. Beware of any team mates who have dietary requirements (You never know what you’ll have to eat on course!)

Charge up the smartphone
Having a smart phone or access to the Internet will be key to solving clues and finding your way around town.

Organise your “phone a friend”
Save precious minutes and organise a friend you can phone to help you solve the clues

Explore the city & the public transport
If you think you know Sydney – Think again! Spend some time roaming the streets of the CBD. There have been a lot of changes to Public Transport in the past 12 months, do some research on the new Opal Cards.

Prepare your body
No need to panic, the Kathmandu Urban isn’t a marathon or an ironman competition, but do spend time on your feet. You may want to ensure you have a good pair of sneakers and a water bottle handy. Stay hydrated.

Prepare your mind
The more you practise the easier things are. Read up on some basic history of Sydney.

Organise your gear
Water, comfortable clothes, sunscreen, cash, smartphone

On the day
Check the weather, eat breakfast, be generous, remember it’s supposed to be fun!

Get your costume on
While a costume isn’t mandatory, the Kathmandu Urban team do love a good costume.

Fund-raise and claim advantages
In conjunction with our charity partner Good Beginnings Australia there are some great incentives available Click Here for more information

Download the full version HERE